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Danny Omich

Danny Omich


Danny Omich was born in Civitavecchia (Rome) on 15th July, 1984.. His approach with music begins really soon, at the age of 15, starting in private parties and disco pubs. After just an year and with almost no experience he is picked to work in a radio ( R.S.C FM 101.2) where he begins to lead a program on Saturday nights. In less than a year he is in charge of artistic direction and music selection together with his colleague Patrizio Mattei ( their tenure will last until 2004). In 2004 he publishes his first disco ( Future boys- The sax project) for the compilation Sunset Club enclosed to “Ibiza Formentera” magazine. In the same year he enrols at UM ( University of Music of Rome) in disk jockey faculty ( Radio/ producer/Live) subsidized by m2o (the beat italian dance radio) and supervised by Paolo Bolognesi and Amerigo Provenzano. He graduates with the highest rank. From here, a really close collaboration starts with m2o, collaboration that will give birth to many recording projects, realized with the famous radio station. Since 2006 (until now) he starts working with the most eminent italian and foreign labels of the moment as “ Stardust recordings”, “Soundzrise”, “Mystika” , “Frequenza” and many others again. In 2008 he creates the project “ Glitch & Clave” together with Patrizio Mattei; with this project they debut presenting their first single “Travelling” which chalks up success, especially abroad. Since January 2009, he begins to work as “ A&R” for the English label “ Airbus Recordings” in which you can find many of his works, such as “Lipps”, “Fi.Sa.”, “Untitled 6”, “Larabanga remix”, and many others. Currently, he is working as a resident dj in the m2o program “ UMC” with Patrizio Mattei ( Underground music club) , and is editing on the same radio “ SoundzDisco- Our sound back to Disco ( Soundzrise)” programm, together with Andrea Rango, where they recreate a 7o’s environment on a “classic underground club” one. Furthermore he is working in the disco-graphic section of m2o, in particular with Paolo Bolognesi and Andrea Rango, through their respective labels. .


Agency: KNM Music

Phone: +39 348 2624582


The artist

Nationality: Italian

Resident in: Rome